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Lead Generation

Using your website to generate leads is one of the most cost effective ways to increase revenue. Implementing an inbound marketing strategy is a proven way to turn website visitors into leads. Plus, you can show an ROI on your investment in inbound marketing.

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Inbound marketing is about creating and sharing content that will demonstrate your knowledge and willingness to help.

We always start with a marketing strategy. What do you need to accomplish and by when? That will drive how fast we need to work to achieve your goals.

Working with your team we’ll then create a plan that uses a variety of web-based tools to get the content developed and published. We use HubSpot to manage details of posting, monitoring and optimizing your content. HubSpot is more than a marketing software platform. It’s an entire company that supports the philosophy of “educate, not interrupt” to get your message across. This matches our own sales approach and it’s proven to work for companies of all types.

You also have access to easy-to-understand reports about your inbound activities and accomplishments through the HubSpot software that would, in many cases, not be available anywhere else.

The entire 30 Degrees North team has been trained on the inbound philosophy and the HubSpot software so that we can make things happen for you without the learning curve that companies experience when they try to take on all of their inbound work by themselves. We'll be your strategic partner in growing your business.

HubSpot CRM

Of course the purpose of inbound marketing is to grow your lead list. If you don’t have a CRM (customer relationship management) software system in place to manage those leads, Hubspot comes with a FREE CRM that we can setup whether you use the Hubspot marketing platform or not.

If you already have a CRM in place, such as SalesForce, it can be integrated with Hubspot so that you don’t have to maintain two sets of data for marketing and sales.

How To Start With Inbound

We recommend a 10 minute call to find what you want to achieve and how inbound could potentially work for you.

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If you’re already a Hubspot user we can work with you and your marketing and sales team to create more content and promote it to your leads in order to reach your goals faster.

We also recommend learning more about how Inbound Marketing works and how you can prove an ROI on your investment in marketing using this process.

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