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Everyone’s marketing needs are different based on what makes you different. That’s one of the reasons we love to do what we do! We get to tailor our work to match each client’s goals. So how do you get started?

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Marketing Strategy

We start our clients off with a strategy session that will produce a plan for what we need to accomplish together. This gives us goals and sets everyone’s motion in the same direction. It’s about a 3-5 week process based on how much you need to discuss and the amount of research we may need to do to get the right set of marketing tactics in place for you.

You’ll walk away with a written plan for who you’re targeting and what you can do to reach them, complete with a budget and timeline.

Marketing Implementation

There’s a huge range of marketing tactics that we can use to help you achieve your company’s goals. But that doesn’t mean we should use all of them. We need to decide, based on your goals and who you’re targeting, what set of things we can do that would be most effective. Some of the things in our toolbox include:

Some of the things in our toolbox:

Brand Identity

We’ll first make sure you have a solid brand identity in place before we dig into creative. Our experienced designers and marketers will consider who you are and who you’re targeting to create a brand, or analyze an existing identity, to offer ideas for how to communicate who are.

Inbound Marketing

This approach to educating, not interrupting, your potential customers is a huge part of our philosophy. So much that we created a whole section about it! Learn more.


Our staff includes in-house designers who love to think of new and interesting ways to help our clients. This includes print and web designs for ads, brochures, social media and more.

Social Media

We’ll help you with deciding how to best use the various types of social media for your organization. And we can set a plan in place for keeping content interesting for your target audience as a part of your overall marketing strategy.


We don’t “SEO” sites for Google the way that you might have heard about from other companies in the past. We go about SEO as a content strategy. What is your content and how does Google read that? We’ll also evaluate the website to see if there are other activities that need to be done to improve visibility. But one thing we know: if you don’t keep building content you won’t keep climbing in Google’s results. Because of that we focus most of our SEO efforts on inbound marketing and using that as the foundation for being found by your target audience.


This is a great way to explain something or introduce yourself to website visitors and in social media. We can help you with video production and placing these so that they will help you increase leads.

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