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Web Design

Websites are for more than just looking pretty. They need to produce leads for you. It’s your #1 sales person that works all the time to catch your target market’s attention and then turn them from a visitor to a lead. But creating a website has traditionally been quite a long process. Let us show you how you can shorten the process and get better results from your website.

Create a website quickly that produces results

Think about the last time you created a new website whether for your current organization or at some other time in the past. Was it fun? Were you excited to keep working on the website once the new site launched?

Traditionally, web development is a process that takes 3-6 months and is based on a lot of assumptions about what your visitors want to see. Then, once it’s launched most companies make only minor updates over the course of a few years before they decide it’s time to create a new version of the website and then start this process all over again.

What if there was a better way to build websites?

We can absolutely take you through the custom website design and development process and sometimes that’s what’s best for our customers. But at the end of the process, how can we be sure that what we did worked to meet the client’s goals? Truthfully it can be hard to know.

Growth-Driven Design Websites

Using GDD is a way to produce a website very quickly based on a strategy and a set of wishlist items that need to be implemented over time.

The Growth-Driven Design Process

The Launchpad site

This version of the site focuses on what visitors need to know to convert to a lead. All the cool bells and whistles can wait so that you can quickly create a site that can start to produce leads.

What you present on the launchpad site is decided early on in the strategy process and then built within a few weeks. No more month and months of design and development! Simply get something up that matches your brand and calls the visitor to action.

Adding More Features

Once you’ve got the launchpad site live you’ll immediately start the process of adding the prioritized wish list of items. But it’s more than just adding additional items to the website, you also need to set goals for what you expect the new feature to do. How will this new feature improve the site and produce better results?

Learning and Adjusting

After implementing a new feature, it should be monitored for a period of time to determine if it’s producing the desired goal, or if you need to tweak your plan to better match what customers really want. This process is ongoing so that you can continually improve and produce more leads for your sales team.

Traditional Web Design

We know that not everyone is ready to jump into a new way of doing things. That’s why we also work with clients who want to go through a more traditional process of building a full-featured site all at one time. This can take anywhere from 8 -12 weeks or more, depending on what you’re trying to accomplish.

You will still receive the benefits of our team filled with marketing, design and development experts. All websites, no matter how we build them, start with your goals and strategy and how to best communicate with your target market.

Our traditional website development process typically includes:

  • Determining your website’s goals and key phrases that are important to you in Google.
  • Collecting and creating content and photography.
  • Professional design by one of our creative artists.
  • Coding and testing by our development team.
  • Training on how you can update your own website.
  • Ongoing project management to guide you through the entire process.
  • LAUNCH! Your full-featured website will go live when you’re happy with the way it looks and works.

All of our websites meet Google’s mobile-friendly requirements by using responsive design and code.

If you would like to learn more about your options for creating a website that helps your organization achieve its goals we’d like to set up a call.

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